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About TiE SoCal Angels TiE SoCal Angels
About TiE SoCal Angels
About TiE SoCal Angels
About Us

We Help Founders Turn Their Goals Into Achievements

TiE SoCal Angels is a network of successful entrepreneurs, professionals and highly educated individuals who are now turning their passion for business into investments and mentorship for the next generation.

Started by a handful of dedicated individuals in the 1990s, TiE SoCal Angels formalized the group in 2018 with the intention of bringing together more investors and helping more entrepreneurs. Today, TiE SoCal Angels comprises of 75+ accredited investors who are actively investing and mentoring founders.

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    About TiE SoCal Angels
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About TiE SoCal Angels About TiE SoCal Angels


We are a one million dollars fund for early startups

Screening Team

Screening is held once a month and will consist of a Team of Experts, Team members will review startups who all applied

Due Diligence Team

Startups who win the pitching event get invited to the due diligence process, interested investors will verify the statements

Closing Team

When all parties are satisfied with the terms and language contained in the term sheet, the term sheet is executed and full documentation


We are proud of our strategies and the ventures we support.

Together, we aim to make a difference.

Our Philosophy

Create an environment in which entrepreneurship thrives, innovation is encouraged, and impossible becomes possible.

Our Vision

Create wealth for our communities and empower individuals by sharing our resources and knowledge with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Establish a thriving network of past, present, and future entrepreneurs who support each other through funding,mentorship, and guidance.

About TiE SoCal Angels About TiE SoCal Angels

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About TiE SoCal Angels About TiE SoCal Angels
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    About TiE SoCal Angels
    TiE SoCal Angels

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