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Since 2020, TiE SoCal Angels has specialized in one thing: turning the Startup idea into a scalable business by providing desired funds, mentorship and connections. Done accurately and consistently, supporting the exciting Startups can transform the ecosystem and yield the expected return on Investment to fund members onboard.

Explore. Invest. Scale.

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At TiE SoCal Angels, we are focused on providing the much-needed support to potential startups. We have strategically invested millions of dollars on evaluated Startups.


Become a part of an exclusive network of angel investors and entrepreneurs. Invest in potential Startups, create successful exits and increase your investment exposure.

TiE SoCal Angels is recognized for its consistency in the Startup investment horizon and being the only group with three different funds in Southern California.Scaleup with TiE SoCal Angels.

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Companies Invested
Companies Pitched
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Together, we aim to make a difference.

Our Philosophy

Investment is a collective group effort, and to make the best out of it, we welcome the pioneers of every industry and add diversity to the group.

Our Vision

Discovering and supporting the world’s most innovative Startups by sharing our resources and knowledge with the next-generation entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Become earth’s most Startup-friendly fund by providing holistic support, where Startups can find everything they might need - domain experts, deep mentoring and SMART money to achieve scalability.


Board Members


Shankar Ram

Chair – TiE SoCal Angels

Venkat Tadanki

Managing Partner at Anvaya Ventures, Inc.

Ramesh Patel

President at Sora Power Inc

Navneet Chugh

Managing Partner, The Chugh Firm

Vijay Kotrappa

Investor, Advisor (Strategy and Execution)

Anshuman Sinha

Co-Chair – TiE SoCal Angels